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To make it easier for you to search, we created an overview of a large number of these free eBooks. New titles will be added frequently.


Eric Mellema, The Greatest Sinner Ever
English, French, Dutch, 2006.
A novel about the life of Nostradamus.
PDF and HTML at

William Lilly and Zadkiel, An introduction to Astrology
English, 1647, 1852
The original title of this work by Lilly was Christian Astrology. Zadkiel edited this book heavily.
HTML version at Sacred-Texts

William Tyler Olcott, Sun Lore of All Ages
English, 1914
A review of the literature of Sun lore.
HTML version at Sacred-Texts

Johannes Kepler, Harmonies of the World
English translation, 1939
A translation of Harmonices Mundi by C.G. Wallis.
HTML version at Sacred-Texts

Franz Cumont, Astrology and Religion Among the Greeks and Romans
English, 1912.
Cumont was a historian who was mainly occupied with the Mithras religion and with astrology.Astrology and religion is one of the standard books on the history of astrology.
HTML version at Sacred-Texts

Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel, Astro-Diagnosis, A Guide To Healing
An elaborate treatise about medical astrology.
Text version at Sacred-Texts.

Max Heindel en Augusta Foss Heindel, Message of the stars
Astrology from a Rosicrusian point of view.
Text version at Sacred-Texts. Scroll to the end of the page.

Abraham Ibn Ezra, 120 Aphorisms for astrologers
English, 12th Century.
120 aphorisms; delineation rules that tend to be quite to the point.
HTML version at SkyScript

Johannes Vehlow, Lehrkurs der wissenschaftlichen Geburts-Astrologie
German, 1933
Vehlow wrote an extensive standard work on astrology. His Lehrkurs consists of 8 parts in 9 books.All these books can be downloaded at Sternwelten.
PDF versions at Sternwelten.

Erich Wiesel, Das Astrologische Häuser-Problem
German, 1930
An overview of housesystems that's mainly of historical interest. Wiesel describes 14 systems. Several of them are fully forgotten like the systems of Sebottendorf, Glahn and Tiede.
PDF version at Sternwelten. Scroll to end of page.

Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos (transl. Robbins)
English translation (1940) by F.E. Robbins from the greek original.
Claudius Ptolemeus (Ptolemy, about 100-178 AD) was a famous astrologer, astronomer and geographer.His Tetrabiblos (Four books) is a compilation of the astrological knowledge of his time.This book is undoubtedly the most influential astrology book ever.
HTML version at Kronosofia.

Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos (transl. Ashmand)
English translation (1822) by J.M. Ashmand from the greek original.
See above for a description and another translation of this famous book.
HTML version at Sacred Texts.

Valentin Weigel (Weigelius), Astrology Theologised
English, 1649.
Weigel was a mystician who has influenced Jacob Boehme and others. He describes astrology from a mystical-theological point of view. Weigel considers astrology to be an always existant natural knowledge.
HTML version at Pass The Word.

Kevin Heng Ser Guan, The mathematics of astrology. Does house division make sense?
English, 2001.
Kevin Heng Ser Guan wrote this text as a student at the National University of Singapore. It is an excellant analysis of the astronomical and mathematical aspects of astrological housesystems.
PDF version at the National University of Singapore.

Thomas Ring, Astrologische Menschenkunde (4 parts)
German, 1956-1973.
Ring approached astrology systematically. In all his books he tries to find a good foundation for astrological concepts. His books have a philosophical approach.
The four books of the Astrologische Menschenkunde form the most important work that Ring ever wrote.
Four pdf files at AstroDienst.

G. Kumar, Vedic Astrology
English, 2000-2004
An extensive turorial Vedic Astrology in 30 lessons.
30 HTML pages at Astrology-X-Files.

Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul, Esoteric Astrology
Esoteric Astrology is a part of the series A Treatise on the Seven Rays.Bailey was founder of an esoteric movememnt, based on theosophical principles.
This book has become a classical work for the esoterical astrologer.
HTML at Net News.

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